Schiralli Art

Gallery of fine art. Also, a cafe' serving food and wine. The gallery can be reserved for private parties and events as

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Valpo Web Design

Valpo Web Design specializes in creating professional custom websites that are user-friendly and mobile optimized. As a Google Partner Agency, we can

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ART ON THE AIR is an hour-long radio show on WVLP and Lakeshore Public Radio (available as a podcast) that opens with

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ArtZ: fine artZ and antiqueZ... This is a gallery of fine arts by local NWI artists and fine antiques. OPEN Wed-Fri noon-5;Sat


Brauer Museum of Art

The Brauer Museum of Art is home to a nationally recognized collection of 19th-, 20th-, and 21st-century American art. It also houses

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Chesterton Art Center

After establishing the first juried Chesterton Art Fair, a group of local artists founded the nonprofit Association of Artists & Craftsmen of

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Chicago Street Theatre

Chicago Street Theatre is celebrating its 65th season of producing live theatre for Valparaiso and the greater Northwest Indiana region. After over

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