Following numerous facilitator-led workshops and panels to envision the future of Valparaiso, the city adopted the ValpoNEXT Citywide Vision Plan which includes a broad range of strategies generated by hundreds of participating community members.

Among the included action steps to pursue over the coming decade is the creation of a Creative District Plan, the result of conversations with ValpoNEXT and inspired by Valparaiso’s quarter-finalist round finish in the America’s Best Community Competition.

The creative district was envisioned as a place where the community could come together to create, explore, and celebrate arts, culture, and innovation. The plan outlines a vision for the creative district with 34 supporting actions, organized into three specific themes: create, explore, and celebrate. It is the work of the Valparaiso Creative Council to execute the Creative District Plan.

Mission and Vision of the Valparaiso Creative Council

MISSION: The Valparaiso Creative Council enriches the community by promoting, developing, and advocating for and with local arts efforts, artists, and organizations by providing educational, programmatic, and marketing support.

VISION: The Valparaiso Creative Council believes that when people come together to create, explore, and celebrate art, culture and innovation, communities thrive.

Who is the Creative Council?

The Valparaiso Creative Council is a group of local leaders chosen to advance the growth and development of the creative arts community in and around the City of Valparaiso.

Executive Committee

Matthew Jenetopulos | Stephany Leonard | Megan Marolf | John Norris | Stephanie Swearington

Board Members

Katie Abel | Steve Florer | Kaye Frataccia | Kate Sanders | Melissa Scannell | Anupama Shrivastava | Drew Wenger

VCC Executive Director : Jessica Corral